New Open-Access Computational Linguistics Journal

Posted: 22 September 2007 in Uncategorized
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Linguistic Issues in Language Technology (LiLT) is a new open-access journal in computational linguistics. The journal will focus on techniques that bring linguistics back into language technologies (LT). LT currently focus a lot on statistical techniques and sometimes can ignore linguistic insight altogether, but the field is beginning to swing around from the purely statistical approach to one that takes linguistic insight into account and merges it with statistical methods.

Curious about what sort of credibility this journal would have, I browsed the editorial staff and found some pretty big hitters. Following are some of the names that stood out to me. Christopher Manning of Stanford wrote the textbook used in my Language and Statistics class. Kemal Oflazer was one of my previous professors, who was visiting CMU last year. He’s done a lot of work with finite state transducers for morphological analysis of Turkish, among other things. Mark Liberman and Aravind Joshi of the University of Pennsylvania are pretty well known and accomplished. Aravind Joshi came up with Tree Adjoining Grammar and both he and Martin Kay won the ACL Lifetime Achievement Award. Mark Steedman is the current president of the ACL (Association for Computational Linguistics). Jason Eisner has done a lot of work on applying statistics to linguistics approaches and advised one of my current professors, Noah Smith. Philip Resnick has done a lot with word alignment and statistical machine translation.

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