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Robert Scoble posted a link to Thomas Hawk’s blog post on photowalking. The premise is simple: make your camera a part of you. I find this very difficult, because I feel like cameras offend people in most situations, annoy them in others and are just generally touristy otherwise. A camera phone on the other hand doesn’t give me quite the same feeling, though I do struggle sometimes. I need to get over this.

The principles of photowalking are simple. Hawk goes into much more detail and his post is worth reading. To summarize, the rules are as follows:

  1. The camera goes with you everywhere
  2. Take pictures everyday
  3. Share your work and join a community
  4. Be engaged in photography social networks
  5. Never hesitate (in taking a shot)
  6. Shoot in RAW and photoshop it
  7. Know your rights: where it’s ok to shoot and where it’s not
  8. Art is more important than rules
  9. Money spent on gear is always worth it
  10. Back up your photos
  11. Learn to shoot in manual mode
  12. Shoot with a group of people (it’s safer)
  13. Get used to using a macro lens

So now some of these are way more technical than I ever get, especially since a 2 megapixel cell phone camera is my current primary camera. Obviously not sufficient for a serious photographer. If only I had more money to devote to this hobby, it’s something I’ve always wanted to spend more time doing. Maybe after I get my Ph.D.

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